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Registration Open for the 4th China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

  • Prime entrepreneurship competition in the medical device industry in China

  • Backed by China's top official organizations and associations in this industry

  • Wide range of medical and healthcare devices are eligible for the entry (see below)

  • Products from various stages are welcome to join (with or without certification)

  • Travel allowance and free accommodations for teams entering on-site competition

  • Free registration by June 20, 2021 through


In order to boost the continuous innovation and development of China's medical device industry, deepen the cooperation among the medical device industry, universities, research institutions, users, capital sector and regulators in all aspects, and stimulate the innovative vitality of enterprises and medical and nursing staff, the China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as “the Competition”) has been successfully held for three times under the initiative and guidance of Ministry of Science and Technology.

A total of 283, 607 and 665 on-going medical device innovation projects have been collected domestically and internationally and a total of more than 1,200 enterprises and innovation service providers and institutional investors have participated in the Competition and related activities. A total of 167 projects have been awarded the first prize, the second prize and the third prize, which, according to the follow-up statistics within 6 months after competitions, have raised over 4.2 billion of investments cumulatively, while some projects have also received funding from governments at ministerial, provincial and municipal levels and from the development zone, as well as other awards.

The Competition has effectively promoted the transformation of medical device achievements and has received wide appreciation. The Competition this year continues to be held by National Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Medical Device Industry and is now open for registration.

Competition Categories

Themed “supporting the international research collaboration and the achievement transformation and highlighting technological innovations and innovation services in light of actual needs", the Competition is divided into the following categories:

  • In vitro diagnostic (IVD) products (reagents and devices, pathology, etc.);

  • Medical dressings, infusion and care products;

  • Surgical and minimally invasive instruments (surgical instruments, endoscopes and consumables, etc.);

  • High-value consumables and implantation and intervention products;

  • Large and medium-sized diagnosis and treatment equipment (imaging, radiotherapy, and ablation products);

  • First aid and life support (first aid, monitoring, inhalation anesthesia, dialysis, etc.) products;

  • Artificial intelligence and medical software;

  • Mobile and telemedicine;

  • Household, TCM, rehabilitation physiotherapy and fitness and health equipment; and

  • Anti-epidemic, infection control and disinfection products.

The above categories are further divided into the startup group (with registration certificates not obtained at the time of registration) and the growth group (with registration certificates obtained for the first time).

The above categories may be appropriately changed at the discretion of the organizer according to the registration; and special sessions are set up according to the industrial needs for the convenience of industrial cooperation and synergetic development.

Competition Registration

According to the schedule of the Competition, the registration (online) and preliminary (online review), intermediary (on-site presentation) and final contests (on-site presentation) are arranged, and the deadline for registration is to be extended to June 20, 2021 according to the actual situation. Applicants may visit the website for registration at

Applicants may be a company or a team and may register for one project or product or more; projects or products that have been registered for in previous competitions are allowed in this competition; all projects and products should meet relevant national laws, regulations and policies.

No contestant shall be charged any fee throughout the Competition. Overseas participants (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) are welcome to register directly to participate in various categories of the Competition.

Awards and Compensations

In order to encourage the participation in the innovation, the projects that win the first prize, the second prize and the third prize in startup group in the final of each category will be awarded tens of thousands of Chinese Yuan, and the projects that win the excellence prize will receive valuable awards.

For projects that participate in the on-site presentation in intermediary, final and special contests, contestants (2 persons per project) will be provided with free room and board and travel allowance (limited for bearer) for corresponding contest.


The schedule of the Competition will be subject to changes by the organizer from time to time according to the requirements for epidemic prevention and control and for entering China. Participants may take part in the special session for overseas projects (including those of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) in the form of videos.

Recaps of Past Competitions

Speech by Dr. Jiang Feng, President of the national strategic alliance for technological innovation in medical device industry, and Executive Vice President of China Medical Device Industry Association

Opening ceremony of China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition 2018

Participants of China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition 2019

Jury and audience of China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition 2018


More about the contest:

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