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Our Mission: Bridging between Europe and China

The Three Female Founders of Hohot Consulting

Hohot Consulting was established in 2016 by three Chinese ex-pats in Oulu, Finland, who share the same ambition of facilitating business collaborations between Europe and China and calling it a career.


By now, our team has grown to 10+ consultants specialised in the various fields (e.g. e-commerce, digital marketing, translation and interpretation, legal management, accounting and taxation, education and healthcare), and is located in major Finnish and Chinese cities.

Interesting Facts about Our Company

Hohot Consulting Logo

The name “Hohot” means “hot+hot”. We chose this as a brand name so the business will grow hot.

Reliable Partner Logo

We are a Reliable Partner recognised by and being compliant with the

Finnish Contractor’s Obligations Act.

Nordic Expert Academy Logo

We use the auxiliary trade name “Nordic Expert Academy” for our education tourism services.

Venus Symbol

Google names us “Women-led” company. We are very proud of this.

Meet the Hohot Team


Here's our dream team that makes all the magic happen at Hohot Consulting.

Hohot Consulting's specialist and co-founder Zara Kukkamaa.png

Zara Kukkamaa


Oulu, Finland 

With a strong background in business administration and marketing, Zara is leading Hohot's consulting services. Additionally, Zara is fully committed to the success and happiness of both clients and Hohot's consultants.

Medical Tourism in Finland with Hohot_Em

Eva Yao

VP, Education Toursim

Latin America

Having extensive experience in global sales and customer service, Eva is leading Hohot's educational tourism product development and sales. Apart from English and Mandarin, Eva has strong language skills in Cantonese and Spanish.

Hohot Consulting's healthcare specialist - Huiru Ding.png

Huiru Ding

Healthcare Specialist, MBA

Beijing, China

Having completed her higher education in Finland, and have been working in Beijing for close to 10 years, Huiru has great insight into and an extensive network in both Finland's and China's economical regions. She provides strategic contribution to Hohot's themed tourism.


Hohot Consulting's social media specialist - Jia Sun.jpg

Jia Sun

Consultant, M.Sc

Guangzhou, China

Jia has a strong academic

background in international economics and global IT development. He has been managing clients' digital marketing operations in China, as well as supporting industry research projects.


Prof. Tairu Zhang

Senior Advisor

Nantong, China

Having been working in the Chinese higher education sector for 30+ years, Tairu has expertise and resources among Chinese universities and vocational colleagues. Tairu is 

responsible for Hohot's educational 

partnership and governmental relationship.


Shiyu Tang

Social Media Specialist, B.Eng

Qiqihaer, China

Managing social media for multiple accounts for 10+ years, Shiyu has also 30k+ followers under her personal accounts. She's experienced with platforms such as, Weibo, Wechat, Xiao Hongshu, Douyin. 

Hohot Consulting's healthcare specialist - Aaltje Bos.jpg

Aaltje Bos

VP, International Health, MHS

Oulu, Finland

Having extensive experience working in the healthcare sector and a strong academic background and expertise in mental well-being, Aaltje is currently leading Hohot's mental retreat program's development and execution.


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