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Building ​Success Stories for Each Member

Hohot’s Business Consultants Collecting Ideas on a Whiteboard

Do you want to join Hohot Consulting as...?


Are you also determined to make a difference as a facilitator between China and Europe? 

Welcome to the Hohot family!

​At Hohot, we focus on each consultant's personal growth. By working with us, you will be exposed to the right network and opportunities. With time, you will also have a chance to be an equity partner. 


Are you looking for an internship position? We welcome you to start your career journey at Hohot!

We design your tasks and growth journey together with you. You can expect personal mentorship, a flexible work location and work hours, and tasks suitable for your wishes. No pre-determined and required skills or experiences, no complicated interviews or paperwork.

Hohot Values

Take ownership

At Hohot, we are all entrepreneurial-minded. We are comfortable with working independently, and we constantly challenge ourselves to bring more to the table.  

Treasure team


We understand the power of effective group efforts, and we try our best to work as a true team. You will find yourself always being supported along the way.

​Focus on values


​Money, fame, power... none of them make as much sense as the values we bring to our clients, our team, and our consultants. We always make sure we'd bring true values throughout our work.

When I was in Oulu, I was super lucky that I had the opportunity to work for Hohot. In Hohot, I not only had the chance to learn about the professional skills in the consulting area but also learnt about dedication. Besides, I knew how to be efficient, self-disciplined, truthful, and innovative. The experience makes a great contribution to my future work since my job now is related to industry research. I really feel proud and happy from the bottom of my heart to be one of the Hohot family.

Picture of Junior Consultant Sun Jia

Sun Jia

Junior Consultant

​Guangzhou, China

I like the business Hohot is doing. I used to work with a Chinese supplier in the past and we had a particularly  good relationship with them. I hope to make the best use of my mother language as well as to create values for Hohot and its clients through this internship.

Picture of Intern Ninni Aalto

Ninni Aalto


Catalonia, Spain

I am very excited to start my internship in Hohot. I want to learn more about the Sino-Finland market. Hohot is doing great business and growing in this area. During the internship, I want to leverage my knowledge about marketing and consulting in the Sino-Finland market through various tasks. On top of all, I wish to contribute my part to Hohot in delivering top-notch services to our clients. Furthermore, I want to learn different skills from my talented and knowledgeable mentors and coworkers.

Picture of Intern Lia Peng

Lia Peng


​Helsinki, Finland

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