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"WIN THE FUTURE 2021" Venture Contest (Finland) Was Successfully Held

Updated: May 27, 2021

- Congratulations to The 6 Winning Teams

May 26, 2021 ∣ Oulu, Finland

Yesterday at 8:30am (GMT+3), the "WIN THE FUTURE" 2021 Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs (Finland Contest Area) took place virtually, with a site of jury and audience in Suzhou, China.

This contest was hosted by Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou Settled Enterprises Alliance, and Hohot Consulting Oy has been the support organizer from Finland.

Since the launch of this contest's application in Finland, a total of 54 innovation and startup teams have submitted their applications. Applied projects are from industries such as the new generation of IT, artificial intelligence, digital economy, biotechnology and medicine, bleisure travel, etc.

Among the 54 applications, 10 were selected to enter the final pitch contest, which took place on May 25th 2021. After over 2 hours of competition, 6 teams won the awards:

  • 1st Place: Vicente Calvo Alonso, Kontrox™

  • 2nd Place (team 1): Yang Chao, Auto DevOps Solutions

  • 2nd Place (team 2): Tiago Sampaio, AnalysisMode

  • 3rd Place (team 1): Zhang Xiaolong, Advanced positioning and navigation technology, Fenav Oy

  • 3rd Place (team 2): Sunil Haridas, Pradjna Platform for Blue Collar Performance Analytics

  • 3rd Place (team 3): Yu Zitong, Qiaoyan and Wan Peng, Big data digital health management based on wearable devices and face image analysis, DigiHealth

The 6 winning teams will receive award certificates and 10-30k CNY non-equity funding per team. Additionally, the first awarded team can directly enter the interview process of Gusu Leading Talent Program. If the team passes the evaluation, it will be granted 1-4 million CNY non-equity funding.

Below are some pictures of the contest:

Contest introduction

Speech by Mr. Chen Hao, Deputy Mayor of Gusu District Government, Suzhou

Speech by Mr. Cheng Ming, Deputy Director of the Human Resources

and Social Security Bureau of Gusu District, Suzhou

First competing team's pitch: Skin++

Second competing team's Q&A session:

Pradjna Platform for Blue Collar Performance Analytics

Third competing team's pitch: Kontrox™

Fourth competing team's Q&A session:

Advanced positioning and navigation technology

Fifth competing team's pitch: AnalysisMode

Sixth competing team's Q&A session:

Ultra-effective airborne virus deactivator

Seventh competing team's pitch: Veeego marketplace

Eighth competing team's Q&A session: Auto DevOps Solutions

Ninth competing team's pitch: "Polaris" intelligent positioning service

Tenth competing team's pitch: Big data digital health management

based on wearable devices and face image analysis


More of the contest's images can be found here.

More about this contest's introduction can be found here.

Contact Hohot Consulting if you want to learn more about this contest or what supports and resources are available for your business to land in Suzhou, China: Santtu Niskala, Head of Partnership, +358 44 036 0308,

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