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China NMPA Regulation and Registration for Medical Devices

For European Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostics Businesses as Your First Step to Success in China.

Date: 23rd of June 2021

Time Finland: 15:00-16:00 (GMT+3)

Time Germany: 14:00-15:00 (GMT+2)


China’s medical device market revenue reached 103 billion € in 2020, making up 20% of the global medical device market. It is a market one cannot ignore.

However, China has its own distinctive regulatory system set by National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), the language of which also adds more challenges to international medical device manufacturers and solution providers. 


Hohot Consulting together with our China medical device regulatory expert partner, J MedTec, are determined to lower the knowledge and strategy barrier for your organization to enter the China market by providing comprehensive insights on NMPA’s updated regulations and medical device registration essential information (e.g. product performance test, testing labs in China, registration processes for Class I/II/III products, clinical trials in China and alternatives, etc.).  

Why you should join this webinar?

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Top expert in the field of medical device regulations and registrations in China

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Economical strategy for China market entry through overseas clinical data collection

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Valuable insights difficult for Europeans to access (gap analysis between Europe and China, fast green channel for innovative prioritized devices, etc.)


Additional 30-minute free consultation session with the expert to answer your organization’s burning questions regarding China

Training contents:

  • NMPA organization reform and regulation system

  • Important concepts for NMPA registration (e.g. classification and category, China agents, imported vs. domestic devices, etc.)

  • Product notification for Class I/II/III products

  • Gap analysis between Europe and China

  • Fast green channel for innovative and prioritized devices

  • Strategy for overseas clinical data collection to use for China market entry

Trainer’s Details


 Dr. Chao Xu:

  • CEO of J MedTec, located in Berlin

  • Ph.D in Medical Imaging/Neuroscience

  • 150+ Successful China Registration Projects

  • Elite Overseas Manager in Delegate Enterprise Group met by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (2014 & 2017)

  • Expert in NMPA drug and device combination guidelines working group

More information about the webinar:

Santtu Niskala

Tel: +358 44 036 0308

      (Also available on Whatsapp)


Hohot Consulting Ltd.

Hohot Consulting is a consulting firm speicalized in business development for European businesses in China. Headquartered in Finland, we have a team of 10+ consultants helping your medical equipment business succeed in the China market. Our services include: product and service localization, IPR and legal support, market research and entry strategy, translation and interpretation, e-commerce and PR management, taxation & financial analysis, import and customs clearance, incorporation in China, and procurement management.

J MedTec Ltd.

With leading experts in medical devices strategic consulting and CRO services, J Medtec focuses on China market entry (regulatory, clinical, and quality), China market strategy, and China operation support for international clients. J Medtec's team consists of experts in medical device clinical, regulatory, quality, testing, investment, and sales/distribution. J Medtec has a strong network of partners with global business and operation experiences in both China and US/EU, and strength of ability to balance strategic thinking with swift execution.

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