Meet Hohot's consultants


Zara Kukkamaa

Marketing Specialist & Graphic Designer | MBA

with extensive marketing experience in/towards China. Expertise in:

  • Intercultural marketing and communication
  • Brand creation and development
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Project planning, execution and management


Xiaowen Xiong

Project Manager & Translator | M.Sc (Econ).

with extensive management experience in/towards China. Expertise in:

  • Interpretation and translation (Finnish and Chinese)
  • Service Planning and Tour Management in travel industry
  • SME operations and management
  • Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Program Management


Eva Yao

Sales Enabler & Copywriter | B.SC

execution experience in/towards China. Expertise in:

  • Chinese governmental project execution
  • Interpretation and translation (Cantonese, Chinese and English)
  • Sourcing and manufacturer management
  • Sales and customer service


Yanhong Xi

Educator & Accountant M.Sc (Econ).

with extensive business execution experience in/towards China. Expertise in:

  • Chinese language and culture education
  • Accounting, economics and international business
  • Analytical research and interpretation
  • Public speech and event hosting


Laura Savikoski

Legal Specialist I MICL (Laws).

with extensive experience in Finnish & Chinese legal systems and business facilitation. Expertise in:

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Trademark registrations
  • Sino - Finnish trade
  • Market entry consultancy
  • Cleantech Industry

Partner Network

WSIF ry promotes Finnish winter sports industry to China, and facilitating high-level business and governmental collaborations.

RSM Finland Ltd provides professional audit and related financial administration services for Finnish and international corporates.

Fortune Falls is frontier service provider in Sino-Finland business area, located in southern Finland.

Baltic China Group is the largest EU-China oriented business group in Baltic region, combining 15 companies and organizations in total and operating in 9 countries in Europe and Asia.

Oraybank Ltd. is an investment firm located in Suzhou, China, focused on education, mobile Internet, games, digital health, life science and artifical intelligence industries.

Shu Neng Wu Huo is a global network and platform to connect universities abroad and Chinese students, to help students to apply overseas studies.

Ms. Stanta Claus is focused on promoting Ms. Santa as a brand, Nordic design and Finnish Christmas culture.

1 Step is a consulting company located in Oulu, Finland focused on businesscollaborations between Finlandand Germany as well as international market.